Scott McEwan

Scott McEwan

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First Name * Scott
Last Name * McEwan
Username * scott2753
Country * USA
City St Petersburg
Nationality US
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


Scott currently lives in St Petersburg, Florida, USA, and is an avid fan of 3D digital artwork and modeling. He has a background in Digital Electronics and Computer Science in the United States Naval Nuclear Submarine Service. Scott's hobbies include his Digital Artwork - striving to make his 3D renders look ever more realistic, and designing and constructing custom computers. Scott is currently starting a transition phase in which he is concentrating more on his artwork, and will be moving over the course of the next two years to the Seattle, Washington area - hopefully to devote his full time employment to the CG Field.

He received formal traditional art mentoring while he was growing up in the British West Indies, and has always been interested in creating artwork. His foray into Digital Art has only occurred over the last six years.

His main online art gallery can be viewed at


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